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AKIS BADO is an indie animation studio and film production company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was founded in 2019 by film producer Giedrė Burokaitė and director-animator Robertas Nevecka. The aims are to work with classical hand-drawn, artistic driven animation, to tell raving underground stories, to promote the most peculiar local artists.

The studio has colaborated with a few animated projects – Snow Shelter (2020) by R. Nevecka and Mora Mora (2021) by Jurga Šeduikytė.

Currently AKIS BADO is developing short animated film by R. Nevecka "Fishing docks".


Giedrė Burokaitė

+370 675 21161 

Animatrix pic.jpg


Within more than 10 years of experience, Animatrix has become a leading and dedicated studio, creating high quality animation and visual effects for advertising, entertainment and game industries. Though based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Animatrix helps partners to define and develop their visions from script to screen globally, making every project unique and attractive. 

Over the years, our talented team worked with some of the best directors, artists and producers, turning their stories and imagination to reality. This allowed us to build an exceptional portfolio that really stands out.

Here at Animatrix we add value, contribute ideas and are actively involved in the creative process of every single project. Outstanding visuals and vivid characters are what we live for and are extremely good at – if you share the same passion, we are here to go the extra mile for you.


Dovydas Vilkelis  

+370 671 17365


APARAT - a newfound humble studio that focuses on animation films, video arts, and outstanding visuals. 


Even though we are a fairly new studio, we have talented, experienced artists working hard to produce authentic and visually stunning animations. 


Our studio produced CGI for the theatrical installation "Fabrica" which was nominated with the Golden Stage Cross award.


Transforming your dreams into virtual geometry since 2020. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Jonas Konstantinavičius

+370 601 32638


BLON Animation & Videogames Festival.


BLON is an innovative festival of unique format inviting to experience outstanding animated films, video games, AR and VR from around the globe. 


BLON is a boutique space where young talents interact with industry sharks, the festivals aims to promote exchange of knowledge, experience and inspiration among animation and video games professionals.


Besides programmes of most creative, fun and controversial animated films and video games for (young) adults, BLON presents beautiful, artistic content for young audiences. 


BLON invites you to Klaipeda for inspiration, business and fun! 


Laura Almantaitė

+370 698 27519

ARTBOX laisvalaikio klubas.jpeg



Iron Digital offers digital art outsourcing and app programming services. The artistic part covers both 2D and 3D art including, but not limited to concept art for games, films, advertising, infographics, web and print illustrations, 3D character, prop, product modelling and animations.


The studio also develops its own interactive products as well as helping the clients find new ways of marketing their products and services using Augmented reality and innovative apps.


Vesta Juocevičiūtė

+370 612 22198




“Meinart” is a Home of Animation, with the sole purpose to bring stills to life. The studio was founded in 2012 with a dream to create gorgeous, spirited animations with all that pizazz and characters that are… well, characteristic! And we’ve been doing that ever since – from 2D to 3D animation, from commercial work to our own original films.

Speaking about our films, “Hunt” and “Look” were awarded and nominated for many global awards in various festivals and we’re not planning to stop there. A few more films are in the making: feature animated documentary “Aurora’s Sunrise” produced by “Artbox Laisvalaikio Klubas”, a children’s book adaptation “Nut Cake” and our own short film “The Perfect Fit“. Oh, and a bunch of ideas is waiting for their turn in our special “coming soon” drawer, of course.


Meinardas Valkevičius 

+370 696 91 051




The artists’ primary areas of interest lie in animation and tactile crafts. Their creative goal is to produce authentic work that is visually and aesthetically challenging, yet peculiarly subtle. PetPunk tend to explore, experiment and play with conventional subjects.

PetPunk has gained recognition by the most important graphic design magazines, becoming a synonym for the new design generation from Eastern Europe. In 2009, the Canadian “Boards” magazine included PetPunk in the top 6 of “The New Wave of Designers”, while in 2010, the UK’s leading design magazine “Computer Arts” featured PetPunk as “The New Wave of Animation”.


Miglė Pelakauskė

+370 685 51745



At UPĖ Media we focus on meaningful and socially impactful animated media. We bring together talented creatives engaging diverse techniques ranging from classic hand-drawn animation to innovative interactive virtual reality.


Currently two short films are in production at UPĖ: a poetic story "Woman and Her Lives" by Rasa Joni and a folk art based "Broken Tale" by Karolina Bielskytė.


Laura Almantaitė

+370 698 27519

2018-09-07 12.14.19.jpg


ART SHOT is an independent production company, focused on developing and producing artistic animated films. The founder and producer of the company, Agnė Adomėnė, aims to produce visually engaging animations with the potential for international co-production and distribution.


In 2016 ART SHOT produced film RAGNAROK (A short puppet animation directed by Urtė Oettinger and Johan Oettinger, Lithuanian - Denmark co-production) was awarded by Lithuanian Film Academy as The Best Lithuanian Animation Film of the year.


Agnė Adomėnė

+370 620 88522



Established in 2016, Broom Films is a growing production company based in Lithuania.


Producing and co-producing feature films as well as documentaries and animations, the company works with a wide range of emerging talents and is constantly seeking captivating stories to tell.

Justė Michailinaitė

+370 675 78746




Kadrų Skyrius is the first animation studio in Lithuania dedicated mostly to stop motion technique, opened by director Ignas Meilūnas and producer Justė Beniušytė.


Orientated but not limited to stop motion creation, be it a film, commercial or any other artistic visual task: with the ability to build and shoot in a single cozy studio, Kadrų Skyrius is always open to collaboration with its primary goal being endorsement of the creative DIY approach.


Justė Beniušytė

+370 623 45179




OKTA is region's leading 3D CG production studio, working on high-end quality content creation for game, movie, and advertising industries.


While still working in traditional media studio has a strong focus on innovative XR project's development during recent years.

Vitalijus Žukas

+370 611 40558



The animation studio has been open since 2015. Providing production service for educational films, ads and apps development.


One of the most successful projects is "The War of Mushrooms".

Antanas Skučas

+370 633 83291




We are transformation, an eternal flow, the force that shapes matter into form, through which we create a vision for the whole to become one. Through creative evolution, we design future tools to express our inner self.

We are Creatives, Storytellers, Producers - a team dedicated to collaborate with brands, production companies & agencies from all over the world to create outstanding content.


Andrius Gricius
+370 643 06 498

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